I’m a leader who wants to help with addiction

I'm a leader trying to help sexually broken people.

“My training didn’t prepare me for this.”
“What do I need to say to him? To her?”
“I’m frustrated…we’ve helped them before, and now it’s happened again.”
“Why won’t he just make better choices?”
“How do I get them the help they need without ignoring the needs of their spouse?”
“How can I share this burden with others so that I don’t burn out?”

I am a leader trying to help an addict.

Sexual brokenness exists in every church and ministry. It’s a sad truth, but the truth nonetheless. If you’ve been in a position for any length of time where you lead and care for people, you’ve almost certainly experienced some of these situations. Pornography is rampant and growing. Marriages are under attack. Our enemy wants to cripple the church, and one of his key tools is the attempt to destroy peoples’ lives through sexual brokenness.

As a pastor or ministry leader, you may feel at a loss for how to best shepherd these people. You may be inundated with one situation after another, and it seems like all your efforts are fruitless. Is there anything you can do to stem this destructive tide in your ministry?

We want to walk with you, and to help you as you help others. Your people need to know that your church/ministry is a safe place, a place where they can be authentic about their sins and struggles without fear of rejection. There are steps you can take to make your ministry that safe place, and we can help with that process.

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Leadership Options

Awaken offers solutions to help you become better equipped to understand the issues your people face. Understanding that addiction is more than simply a sinful, selfish choice can help guide both your preparation and response for when situations arise. Knowing how to lead broken people through a biblical and gracious process of restoration will help them – and will ultimately show other fearful, hiding people – that your ministry is a place where they can find healing and recovery within safe community.  

Step 1: Learn About Addiction

An important part of shepherding sexually broken people is understanding more about what they’re going through. Click here to contact us for helpful information on understanding sexual addiction.

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Step 2: Develop A Plan

We can help your ministry develop plans so you’ll be prepared to respond biblically and graciously when situations of sexual brokenness arise. Click to see how we can help.

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Step 3: Let Us Help

We are available to help in a variety of settings, from speaking at services/events/retreats to helping you navigate through crisis situations. Click here to contact us and discuss ways we can serve your ministry.

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