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Our Resources

One of the hardest parts of the beginning of a recovery journey is simply knowing what to do first. For the struggler has lived in isolation for so long, it’s hard to imagine a life lived in healing community. For the spouse who may have just found out, the shock and trauma makes just living every next minute seem like the hardest work imaginable. For the ministry leader trying to walk with and help broken people, the pressure to have all the solutions and answers can bring a lot of insecurity.

We want to help you, wherever you are. We have lived in all three areas, and can get you connected to the resources that will help you as you begin to allow God to heal you through recovery, or to shepherd people in your ministry. We believe that recovering from the impact of sexual brokenness, especially when addiction is involved, requires a comprehensive approach that includes therapy, community, sponsorship/mentoring, and having good resource material.

For anyone beginning a journey of recovery, please click the image below to download a free eBook, “How Do I Work Recovery?” as our gift to you.

Ways to Engage With Awaken


Recovery Groups for men and women – We offer recovery groups where men and women affected by sexual brokenness can find support and community. These groups meet in the Birmingham, AL area at The Church at Brook Hills. There is no cost to be part of the groups.


Speaking for events or church services – We are available to come speak on a variety of topics. These speaking engagements can stand alone or can serve as catalysts to begin a conversation within a church or ministry on how to more effectively address sexual brokenness.


Awaken special events – (Seminars & Retreats) We periodically host events designed to provide help for strugglers and their spouses as well as seminars to help ministry leaders become better equipped for the onslaught of sexual sin within their ministries.

Services & Fees

Coaching – Coaching differs from counseling/therapy, but in many ways is a complimentary resource for people in recovery. Therapy helps the client identify and address root issues that have contributed to or driven unhealthy behavior, and needs to be guided by a trained, qualified therapist. Coaching takes a more present/future approach, using a guided approach to help the client process what they are learning in therapy as well as set personal and relationship goals – and then identify actions to help achieve those goals. Coaching often helps people discover the answer to their “what do I do next” questions.

Our personal experience and specialized training we have received (and continue to receive) have equipped us to speak into the situations through which others are currently walking.

Coaching is available on a variety of topics, including but not limited to…

  • Understanding my addiction
  • Understanding my spouse’s addiction
  • Setting goals for recovery
  • Recognizing unhealthy behavior patterns and forming healthier habits
  • Improving communication in my relationship

Coaching fees (Click HERE to book a coaching appointment):

  • Individual: $75/hour (60 minutes with same-gender coach)
  • Couple: $100/hour (60 minutes with couple)
    (Package discount when booking six sessions)

Church/Ministry Partnerships – At Awaken we operate from this belief – church & ministry leaders want to shepherd their people well through situations of sexual brokenness. But in cases where this doesn’t happen, we believe it is in part because these leaders just don’t know how. Many pastors don’t have training or experience dealing with sexual addiction, and often try to determine an approach as they go. Some leaders feel that they need to have the answers and solutions; but this can cause them to miss out on the benefit of working with people who have specific training and experience related to this issue.

  • We love establishing relationships in which we can serve local churches & ministries and their leaders, and help them become better informed and equipped to address sexual brokenness. More than that, we want to help ministries truly become
  • We can provide a variety of solutions: meeting with individuals or couples in trauma, helping the ministry develop and implement a care strategy, training caregivers, etc.
  • Coaching is available on a variety of topics, including but not limited to…
  • Developing a culture of safety & transparency in your ministry
  • Understanding addiction
  • Developing & launching a recovery community in your ministry
  • Developing a pastoral care plan to address sexual brokenness and other crisis situations
  • Training leaders to communicate a consistent grace-based message
  • Restoring members and staff who struggle with sexual addiction

We offer consulting for Individual situations (at a rate of $150/hour), but we prefer to establish a long-term relationship in which we continue to stay connected and to be available for follow-up. In this partnering relationship, your ministry would provide financial support for Awaken. Click HERE to contact us about partnering with your ministry.

Therapist referrals – We have relationships with many wonderful therapists in the Birmingham, AL area who specialize in issues related to porn & sex addiction, adultery, marriage, etc. Many have specialized training in areas of sex addiction, and are an integral part of a comprehensive approach to recovery. If you do not live in Birmingham, we can still help you locate a qualified therapist in or near your area. Some of the therapists we know even have options for virtual (streaming) sessions. 

Media Resources

Other Recommended Resources – There is a wealth of helpful resources available for people in recovery. Click HERE for some that we highly recommend.

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