Help for Spouses

Healing for your Heart

Your pain is real. The trauma stemming from discovering your husband/partner’s sexually compulsive behavior. We are here to help you find loving support, heal your heart, and find freedom in your own life. We offer several resources that will help you begin this journey. Find out how below.

Find Supportive Community

Learning about your partner’s infidelity or porn use is devastating. Awaken provides women’s support groups so that you do not have to face this devastation alone. You deserve to have others help you through this.

Find Healing from Trauma

You may feel as if this is somehow your fault. Overwhelmed by shame, your heart may not feel whole right now. Awaken offers resources so that your heart can be whole again.

Find Healthier Relationship Dynamics

While no one can control another person’s decisions or recovery, people do have the ability to seek healthy changes in their own lives. We can help you identify and begin to break free from unhealthy dynamics present in many relationships.


Partner Support Meetings

Women who attend our meetings find an understanding group of women who support them without judgment. These meetings focus on healing from the trauma of sexual betrayal. We also focus on identifying issues that keep women “stuck” in unhealthy relationship dynamics, and on changes in beliefs and actions that can help them become healthy.

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Roots Retreat Women’s Workshop

This 2-day workshop helps you better understand your partner’s addiction, as well as identify your own wounds, both from betrayal trauma as well as other life experiences. Sexual betrayal trauma is powerful and painful but it does not have to define your story moving forward. The Roots Retreat Women’s Workshop will help you feel better equipped for your continuing journey of healing.

Woman having a conversation with her therapist on couch in office

Counseling Network

Sexual brokenness is a complicated issue tied to experiences and trauma over the entire course of a person’s life. In order to move forward in freedom, you must come to better understand the “why” behind your circumstances. Awaken can connect you with specialized, qualified therapists who can help you process the past and begin to move forward.



As men and women experience the fallout of sexual brokenness within their relationships, it can be hard to know how to move forward. Personal/relationship coaching can be a very helpful part of the process of seeking healing and healthy steps forward within a damaged relationship.