Keeping Recovery Alive with “CPR,” part 3

In our last two posts we began looking at three important daily recovery disciplines that anyone in recovery can implement. The first post was on making CALLS. The second was on PRAYER. Today we’ll talk about the third part of CPR: READING.

Of the three daily disciplines that make up CPR, this is one that most of us really need some work on. Most recovering people don’t read a lot of recovery material, at least not after the initial “honeymoon period” early in recovery. Early on, we tend to take in a lot of information, because we have hope for the first time that we could actually recover. Over time, though, our intensity drops off. But, it’s been said that reading recovery literature is like having a sponsor right with you all the time. That having been said, here is some recommended reading. It is by no means exhaustive, so keep looking because there’s a lot of good stuff out there.

  • The Big Book of AA – Our guest author references this all the time, and most of what he has learned in recovery has come from this book.
  • The 12 Steps and 12 Traditions – This book takes a deep dive into each of the Twelve Steps and also looks at how recovery groups can operate.
  • Daily Reflections (Alcoholics Anonymous) – this is a daily devotional for folks in recovery and there are some great thoughts in there.
  • SAA Green Book – Sex Addicts Anonymous has done a really good job of taking the 12 steps and applying them to our addiction.
  • Out of the Shadows (Patrick Carnes) – this is the classic research work on Sexual Addiction.
  • Daring Greatly (Brené Brown) – this is a fantastic book about the power of honesty and vulnerability.
  • Breathing Under Water (Richard Rohr) – Father Rohr’s take on the Twelve Steps is a fantastic look at this path to recovery.
  • Surfing For God (Michael John Cusick) – Cusick invites us to see what good desire we’re trying to fulfill when we settle for porn & sex to meet our needs.
  • Unwanted (Jay Stringer) – Through exhaustive research, Stringer shows how our stories and experiences can give us great insight into why we do what we do, and how we can experience change moving forward.
  • Healing the Wounds of Sexual Addiction (Mark Laaser) – Dr. Laaser was one of the pioneers in faith-based sexual addiction recovery.
  • No Stones: Women Redeemed from Sexual Addiction (Marnie C. Ferree & Mark Laaser) – Sexual addiction is not just a struggle for men. More and more women are trapped in unwanted sexual behavior; this book is a great resource for them.

These are just a few great reading resources. CLICK HERE for a longer list we recommend.

Remember, DAILY reading is a part of keeping recovery fresh and current. Find something that speaks to you and where you are. It doesn’t have to be chapters every day, and you don’t have to block off a lot of time. Just spending a little bit of time each day expanding your understanding of addiction & recovery will help you stay focused. 

While there is no formula that guarantees long-term sobriety, there are definitely ways we can increase our chances of staying on the path. Calling, Praying, and Reading (CPR) is a fantastic set of daily disciplines that will help you!

Awaken is a Birmingham, AL based ministry walking with individuals, couples, and ministry leaders who have been impacted by sexual brokenness & addiction. Our goal is to help people experience hope, connection, and healing through the gospel and the recovery process. For info on how to join our virtual meetings, contact us at!