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Start Your Recovery Journey

Finding a life free from unwanted or compulsive sexual behavior may seem impossible, but it’s not. We’re here to help. We believe experiencing freedom is a process in which we find community, break the addictive cycle, and in doing so, discover wholeness in life. We offer several resources to help you in this process. Check them out below.

Find Community

Finding a life free from porn and sexually compulsive behavior doesn’t happen on our own. We need help and companions. Take the first step in finding others who can help!

Break the Cycle

Unwanted sexual behavior makes life feel out of control. There are patterns and cycles of chaos, and you want to break free. We understand and we want to help.

Discover Wholeness

You were created for more than a life of sex and porn addiction. Connect with Awaken and let us help you discover the life you were created to live.


Awaken Recovery Meetings

Healing from sexual brokenness cannot happen in isolation. Since healing can’t happen alone, you need a community of safe people who understand.

Our gospel-based 12-Step Recovery Meetings connect men, women, and spouses to other people who get it. Click the button below to take your first step out of isolation.

Roots Retreat Men’s Intensive

The Roots Retreat is a spiritual, therapeutic experience for men who struggle with sexual addiction. Throughout the weekend, you’ll experience the equivalent of months of therapy to help you begin to make progress in your life and recovery. Click the button below for more information on upcoming Roots Retreat weekends.

We also offer a Roots Retreat for women dealing with sexual betrayal trauma. Click here for more information.


As men and women experience the fallout of sexual brokenness within their relationships, it can be hard to know how to move forward. Personal/relationship coaching can be a very helpful part of the process of seeking healing and healthy steps forward within a damaged relationship.



In order to walk away from sexual brokenness you must understand the “why” behind your actions. Awaken can connect you with specialized therapist who can help you.


Am I really a sex addict? Many people struggle to accept that their struggle may be a real addiction. This might be a question that you have asked yourself many times. Maybe you are not addicted, but do you have the desire to stop but have not been able to?

The Sexual Addiction Screening Test is a helpful way to gain insight into whether your sexually compulsive  behavior may be an addiction.

“Greg and Stacey know recovery, for they have walked it themselves from ground zero to a place of celebration. They are solid Christians and understand the dynamics of what it takes for a couple to move from devastation to genuine healing.”

Becky Whitson
LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor) and CSAT (Certified Sexual Addiction Therapist)

“When my clients struggle with sexual compulsivity, or need healthy, spiritual, supportive help, I get them to Greg as fast as I can. The isolation, shame, and hopeless ends when Greg and the incredible “fellow-travelers” point the way to recovery! This ministry is not about any one person, or selling stuff, or promoting anything other than recovery. Greg has lived the recovery life and will get you connected to a new way of healthy living. All you’ll have to do is take the first step by calling or e-mailing him and the team. They will have the ‘map’ waiting for you. God uses him, so should you.”

Mark Means
LMFT (Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist) and Director, Innercare Counseling